Once you have installed your brand new tile in the kitchen or bathroom you really don’t want to have to worry about damaging your floor. In most cases, tile flooring is very durable and will last for more than 10 years if it is properly cleaned and maintained. However, things do happen. A heavy object can fall on a tile floor and crack it in several places leaving behind unsightly scratches that are quite an eyesore. Thus, it is best to simply replace the damaged tiles so that further damage to the floor can be minimized.

Upon locating the damaged tiles there are two options-to repair the damaged tiles yourself or to hire an experienced tile contractor. If you are handy, replacing a few cracked tiles by yourself shouldn’t be an issue. However, if a tile floor has suffered major damage such as multiple deep scratches and cracks, it is best to obtain the assistance of professional tile installers. If possible, use the same company that initially installed the floor that way they may still be familiar with the floor. If this is not an option, there are companies that are trained to address these types of tile installation problems.

When repairing tile, it important to use materials that will repair the scratches and cracks on the tile thoroughly. Many of these imperfections can be repaired quite simply. Scratches are often repaired with tile paint that matches the color of the tile. Cracks may require some minor sanding, the use of a filler for the crack and a coat of paint. There are some instances where it is simply best to replace the entire tile. The old tile is removed by shattering the old tile with a hammer and the pieces are removed with a chisel if necessary. Any old adhesive should be removed as well. A new tile is installed.

There are tile installers in the West Chicago area that can assist you with repairing your scratched or cracked tile flooring.